Social Program

The social program for registered participants includes:

    ■ Reception on Sunday evening

          The reception will take place from 6:00pm to 8:30pm on Sunday (August 12th).

          Place: Tide Line Cafe, 28th floor of Sorl Hotel Hangzhou. 


reception one

Sorl way



    ■ Conference excursion on Wednesday afternoon

        Whole West Lake

       Excursion will take place in the afternoon of August 15th (Wednesday). The excursion will be a guided tour around West Lake. We plan firstly take a panoramic view of Hangzhou city as well as the West Lake from the City God Pavilion on the Wu Hill, followed with a visiting of some museum and parks that locate around the Solitary Hill and Bai Causeway, and end with a boat cruise over the West Lake.          


    ■ Heavenly Wind over Wu Hill

               Wu Hill has long been know for its multitude of ancient trees and springs, odd-shaped rocks, old temples and shrines, its variety of folk customs, and its galaxy of historical personages. Chenghuang(Town God) Tower,built in the style of the Southern Song(960-1127) and Yuan(1271-1368) Dynasties with multiple upturn roofs at each stories and a special design of the top story, has ever since been known as one of the landmark scenic attractions of Hangzhou. It is also regarded as the 4th famous tower south of the Yangtze River.


    ■ Solitary hill scenic spot

                  Solitary Hill, otherwise known as Solitary Island, stands along in the northern part of West Lake. Solitary Hill is a gem of besuty beyong belief. Around it there are two frquented walks leading to a multiude of scenic spots and historic sites.

          (1) Zhongshan Park in the middle of the island is the main attraction of the hill. The park combines woods, pavilions and terraces, small bridges over the running water and winding paths along the side of Solitary Hill. The highlight is an area of zigzag bridges, pools, and plants and pavilions designated as the "West Lake Heavenly Sight ". The layout of the delicate rockeries, pavilions, zigzag bridges, fish ponds, and trees and flowers is so special that it is widely acclaimed to be a most elegant minigarden with scarcely any match in the world. 
           (2) Xiling Seal- Engravers' Society noted throughout the country for its study of epigraphic art.The society is engaged in the practice and study of the ancient art of inscribing characters in stone or metal.Quite a number of cultural relics of particular value here are artistically worth visiting. The art reached its peak in the 1700's when a native of Hangzhou, Ding Jing(1695-1765), founded a school merging the arts of cutting and calligraphy.The Xiling Seal- Engravers' Society is also a nice traditional garden in southeast China. Situated along the hill, the whole garden creates a serene, agreeable atmosphere that mingles scenery with art. 
        (3) Zhejiang Provincial Museum features archaeological finds unearthed within the province. Among the exhibits, the most important are some historical relics discovered in 1973 at Hemudu Primitive Human Settlement in Yuyao County, about one or two hours' drive southeast of Hangzhou. There is the first cultivated rice unearthed at the settlement. Other exhibits that might interest visitors are some black pottery and jadeware dug up in Liangzhu not far away from Hangzhou. They are the ruins of the Liangzhu Culture dating back 4000 to 5000 years to the Neolithic period. 
          (4) Wen Lan Ge (Pavilion of iterary Waves) is one of the Chinese seven imperial library pavilions of the Qing Dynasty(1636-1912) to house Siku Quanshu — Complete Library of Four Treasuries(i.e. classics, history, philosophy and literature) — the most comprehensive collection of books of over 3000 years(since the time China had writing) on politics, economics, philosophy, classics, medicine, science and technology, history and geography, art and literature, mathematics and astronomy.  


 Solitary Hill

     ■ Boat cruise over the West Lake

                The cruise will start from the harbor in front of the Zhongshan Park. We will have three large boats, with a total capacity of 350people. The cruise will spend about one hour inside the lake.