Hot topics


Dalian Coherent Light Source-Based Infrared Spectroscopy of Neutral Clusters

Prof. Ling Jiang, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS, China


Manipulating the Magnetic Moment of Graphene-Supported Palladium Clusters  by Adsorption of Hydrogen

Dr. María J. López, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain 


Probing the Structures of Gas-Phase Boron Clusters Using Size-Selective IR Spectroscopy 

Dr. Andre Fielicke, Fritz-Haber-Institut der Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Germany


Ab Initio Global Search of Pure and Metal-Doped Boron Clusters

Prof. Jijun Zhao, Dalian University of Technology, China


Activation and Reactions of Small Molecules (O2, NO, CO, C2H4, etc.) on IB Group (Cu, Ag, and Au) Metal Clusters

Pro. Xiao-Peng Xing, Tongji University, China


Successive Nitridation of Tantalum Cluster Cations by Ammonia Molecules: The Origin of Bulk-Nitride Composition of Group 5 Metals

Dr. Masashi Arakawa, Kyushu University, Japan


The Effect of Radiative Cooling on the Size-Dependent Stability of Small Boron Clusters 

Dr. Piero Ferrari, KU Leuven, Belgium


Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Theoretical Investigate of Transition Metal-Doped Semiconductor Cluster

Prof. Weijun Zheng, Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China


Bilayer Fullerenes Studied by Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry

Dr. Motoyoshi Nakano, Tohoku University, Japan


Toward Programmable Synthesis of Atom-precise and Multimetallic Clusters

Dr. Takane Imaoka, Tokyo Institute of Techonlogy, Japan


Cubic Aromaticity from Multicenter-Bonded [MI]8(M = Zn, Mn) Cluster

Prof. Hanshi Hu, Tsinghua University, China


Molecular Beam Study of the CO Oxidation on Regular Arrays of Pd Clusters

Dr. Claude Henry, CINaM-CNRS, France


High Throughput and Rational Design of Transition Metal Cluster Catalyst

Prof. Daojian Cheng, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, China


Enriching Silver Nanocrystals with a Second Noble Metal 

Prof. Dong Qin, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA


Single-Center Iron(VII) Trioxide Clusters: Iron in the Remarkable +7 Oxidation State

Prof. Tobias Lau, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie, Germany


Exploring the Surface Energy and Surface Stability of Ag Nanocrystals: an In-situ TEM Method

Dr. Longbin He, Southeast University, China


Monolayer-Protected Clusters: Structurally Precise Building Blocks for Spintronic Applications

Prof. Kenneth L. Knappenberger, Jr., Pennsylvania State University, USA


Hydride-doped Gold Superatoms: Synthesis, Structure and Transformation

Prof. Tatsuya Tsukuda, University of Tokyo, Japan     


Catalytic Oxidation of Methane Mediated by Free Gold Clusters: Gas-Phase Kinetics, IR-Spectroscopy, and Ab Initio Theory

Prof. Thorsten Bernhardt, University of Ulm, Germany


Methane Activation and Transformation by Atomic Clusters

Prof. Sheng-Gui He, Institute of Chemistry, CAS, China


Single Photon Thermal Ionization of C60

Prof. Klavs Hansen, Tianjin University, China


Structure and Stability of Thorium Dioxide Nanoclusters (ThnO2nwith n= 1-8): A First-Principle Study

Dr. Ping Yang, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA


Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Polyanionic Metal Clusters

Prof. Lutz Scheikhard, University of Greifswald, Germany


Mechanism of Chirality Transfer from the Gold Surface to the Thiolate Monolayer in Au38(SR)24Cluster

Dr. Giovanni Salassa, University of Geneva, Switzerland


Discovery of Chiral Golden Fullerenes: I–Z60 

Prof. Robert Whetten, The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA


Giant Magnetoelectric Effect in Pseudo 1–3 Heterostructural Films with FeGa Nanocluster-Assembled Micron Scale Discs Embedded into Bi5Ti3FeO15Matrices

Prof. Shifeng Zhao, Inner Mongolia University, China 


Interface and Local Environment Dominate Plasmonic Quantum Size Effects in Silver Nanoparticles

Dr. Matthias Hillenkamp, University of Lyon 1/CNRS, France


Semiconducting A2B2XY (A = Si-Pb, B = Cl-I, and XY = PN and SiS) Inorganic Double Helices: Electronic and Atomic Structures from Ab Initio Calculations

Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Vijay Kumar Foundation, India


Atomic Gold Ions Clustered with Noble Gases

Prof. Olof Echt, University of New Hampshire, USA


Magnetism and Electronic Correlations in Small Clusters: From Kramers Degeneracy to Non-Heisenberg Covalent Exchange

Prof. Andrei Kirilyuk, Radboud University, The Netherlands


Systematic Investigation of Gold Nanocluster – Superstructures with Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Ms. Emmi Pohjolainen, University of Jyväskylä, Finland   


MOSP: Multiscale Operando Simulation Package for Nanoparticles 

Dr. Beien Zhu, Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, CAS, China


Size-Specific Interaction between Isolated Gold Clusters and Graphene Devices

Prof. Ewald Janssens, KU Leuven, Belgium


Interaction of Swift H2+Cluster Beam with Thin Layer Graphene Foils

Prof. Jifeng Han, Sichuan University, China


Low-Temperature Dissociation of NO Molecule in Catalytic Reduction on Size-Selected Platinum Cluster Disk Bound to Silicon Substrate

Prof. Hisato Yasumatsu, Toyota Technological Institute, Japan


Reduced Sintering of Mass-Selected Au Clusters on SiO2by Alloying with Ti 

Mr. Yubiao Niu, Swansea University, UK


Research on Electronic Correlation Properties of Low Dimensional Rhodium

Prof. Qinfang Zhang, Yancheng Institute of Technology, China


Silver-Copper Oxides: Are the Hopes for Superconductivity Over?

Dr. Maxim Tchaplyguine, Lund university, Sweden