Accompanying persons

The accompanying persons will enjoy all the social events of the full registrants: opening reception on Sunday evening, conference excursion on Wednesday afternoon, conference banquet on Wednesday evening, and lunches.

In addition, three excursions are scheduled. Accompanying persons can subscribe for these excursions by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Depending on the availability a limited number of late registrations can be accepted at the registration desk on Sunday August 12th. The prices of the excursions are kept moderate and are listed below. Payments can also be performed at the registration desk via credit card.

Don’t hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions. 


                   Monday August,13th – Guided tours of some scenic spots in Hangzhou: 9:00 – 17:00

 ACP 1

      Lingyin Temple is the most celebrated spot of interest around West Lake. In 326 AD, an Indian monk called Hui Li built a templ and named it Monastery of the Soul' s Retreat, which was locally known as Lingyin Temple. Since the 10th century the temple has remained one of the ten largest Zen Buddhist temples in China. 

     Directly facing well- known Lingyin Temple stands a hill peculiarly named the Peak Flying from Afar (the Peak that Flew from Afar or the Peak that Flew Over). The peak is covered with odd- shaped rocks and green woods with a streamlet meandering along its foot. Dotted inside its main caves and on its steep slopes along the stream are 345- odd stone carvings, which date from the 10th-14th centuries. These stone carvings have been listed as one of the national monuments.  

      Price: $20


West Lake (Xihu) and West Stream (Xixi) are locally known as the "Dual- West", short for the two scenic attractions in Hangzhou. Xixi has remained China' s first and the only national wetland park.  It features rural scenes with water- birds flying about just above the creeks, lakes, and pools, whose edges are fringed with reeds. It abounds with fish, persimmons, bamboo shoots, and water caltrops. 

      Price: $20

 Xixi 1  


      Tuesday August,14th – Guided tours of an ancient town near Hangzhou: 9:00 – 16:00

                       Price: $40 including transportation and lunch 


               Thursday August,16th –Excursion to Museums  13:30 – 17:30

                       Price: $15

 ACP 3

China Tea Museum

       China Tea Museum displays a bewildering variety of teas produced nationwide, ranging from black tea to green tea, from white tea to dark tea, from Yunnan brick tea to Fujian oolong ( black dragon) tea. Visiting the museum is to learn about tea- growing and tea- drinking in different countries throughout the world, about all types of delicate tea- sets, and about various tea ceremonies that reigned or still reign in China.


 China Silk Museum

      China Silk Museum features silk production that has been going on in China for over 5 000 years. Exhibits on display include unearthed silk fabrics dating from the New Stone Age as well as the best products from different parts of China. Also recorded here is the time- honored history related to the three Silk Routes across the desert, by land and by sea. On display, too, are tools and machines, ancient and modern, that describe the whole process of silk production from silkworm breeding (both mulberry worms and tussahs), reeling, spinning, weaving, printing to dyeing.


Southern Song Imperial Kiln Museum

    During the Southern Song Dynasty(1127-1279), its capital city of Hangzhou flourished as a major center of porcelain production. As the city was where the imperial court was located, the kilns in it mostly made porcelain for the exclusive use of the emperors or the imperial courts. The porcelain fell into two types, namely, porcelain for daily use and porcelain for decorative purpose.

     The museum consists of three sections: a cultural relics exhibition, a workshop and a protected site of Dragon Kiln.