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Located in the northern part of Zhejiang, Hangzhou is the capital and the largest city in Zhejiang Province. Hangzhou is the political, economic, cultural, financial center, and also serves as the transportation hub of Zhejiang. Hangzhou has a long history – it was the capital city of ancient Wu-Yue Kingdom in the five Dynasties (907AD-979 AD) period and the Southern Song Dynasty (1127AD-1279 AD), and is also recognized as one of the seven capitals of ancient China. One can ascertain the level of appreciation of the city’s beauty from its reputation of being referred to as “Paradise on Earth”. The West Lake, the main gem in the crown of the city, is famous at home and abroad.  

                        A tourist guide book of Hangzhou can be downloaded from HERE.

Weather in August : 

Daily temperature range : 25 ~ 33 ℃ 

Expect much sunshine. Sometimes typhoon (but rarely).




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