Block reservations are made in several hotels of variable pricing and comfort level, all located in the city of Hangzhou and within walking distance from the conference site.

Booking of the conference hotels is done at the same page with the registration. Please make your reservation and payment form your personal page after log in.

Booking of the accommodation and payment can either be done together with the registration fee or separately. We strongly recommend to do the accommodation booking together with the registration.

The negotiated prices are guaranteed until the 30th of June, 2018. After this date, bookings can be made according to availability.

As August is a busy month for tourism in Hangzhou, it is recommended to make hotel reservations as early as possible.


Conference hotels




* InterContinental is a deluxe hotel annexes to the conference venue.

gSingle room:                         $170
gDouble room:                        $170

Distance to the venue: 0.1km

No. 2 Jiefang East Road : Hangzhou , ZJ ,310016, China 


Sorl Hotel Hangzhou(杭州瑞立江河汇酒店)


Distance to the venue: 1.9km

No.1299 Zhijiang Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Tel. 86(0)571-87337777

Hangzhou Relax Hotel(杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店)


gSingle room:                         $56
gDouble room:                        $56

Distance to the venue: 3.2km

(Subway available)


The way to hotels

All the three hotels are easy to be accessed by subway, bus and taxi. 

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g Subway stations close to the hotels

     (1) InterContinental (杭州洲际酒店): Hangzhou Metro Line 4, Citizen Center Station(市民中心站).

    (2) Sorl Hotel Hangzhou(杭州瑞立江河汇酒店)Hangzhou Metro Line 4, Jiangjin Road Station(江锦路站).

     (3) Hangzhou Relax Hotel(杭州瑞莱克斯大酒店)Hangzhou Metro Line 4, Yongjiang road Station(甬江路站)

                                                                                                 Hangzhou Metro Line 4, Jinjiang Station(近江站)

                                                                                     Hangzhou Metro Line 1, Jinjiang Station(近江站)

Please note that the Jinjiang Station is the transfer station changing between Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 4. To go to the conference site from Hangzhou Relax Hotel, Yongjiang Road Station of Metro Line 4 will be more convenient.  

 g Bus stop

       Both Sorl Hotel and Relax Hotel are easy to be arrived by taking Bus line No. 71 from the conference site.

To Sorl Hotel, please get off at Qiangchao Road station(钱潮路站), the 3rd stop from the conference venue. To  Relax Hotel, please get off at Wangjiang Dong Road Qiangjiang Lukou station(望江东路钱江路口站), the 5rd stop from the conference venue. The bus stop near the conference venue is Forest Park station(森林公园站)The ticket price is 2 Chinese Yuan. You can arrive at the hotels within 20-30min.


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