Access to the Venue

nAccess from Pudong International Airport(PVG)

Shanghai has daily direct flights to and from all the major cities in the world. Hangzhou is easily accessible (within just one hour) by high-speed rail or car from Shanghai. There are many high-speed trains between Shanghai and Hangzhou (almost every 15min.).

Shuttle buses from Shanghai Pudong International Airport(PVG) to the conference venue will be arranged by the conference organizer at Aug. 12, 2018.

Shuttle buses from the conference venue to Shanghai Pudong International Airport(PVG) will be arranged by the conference organizer at Aug. 17, 2018.

The scheduled time table is listed below (The price for a single way trip is $15)



August 12


1:00pm      3:30pm 

6:00pm      8:00pm


August 17


1:00pm      2:00pm 


Reservation of the Shuttle buses is done at the same page with the registration. Please make your reservation and payment form your personal page after log in.

Reservation of the Shuttle buses and payment can either be done together with the registration fee or separately. We strongly recommend to do the shuttle bus reservation together with the registration.



There are two international arrival terminals at Pudong Airport.

Those who have booked a seat on one of our shuttle buses should proceed to terminal T1. Look for a person from organizers, holding an “ISSPIC” sign and wearing a T-shirt with ISSPIC-19 logo, close to the exit of international arrival gate. He/she will show you where the bus platform is located (it is very close to the exit from terminal T1). We have the list of people signed up for buses, and we will check the list before a bus departs. If there are delays, the bus can wait for a few minutes. In case you miss your bus at the reserved time, you can always use the next one.

If your flight arrives at terminal T2 and you claim your baggage there, you can walk inside the building (about 400m) to terminal T1. Also, close to the exit of international arrival gate of terminal T2, there will be a person from organizers, holding an “ISSPIC” sign and wearing a T-shirt with ISSPIC-19 logo. You can look for him/her for guiding.

After the buses arrive in Hangzhou, you will be picked up to the conference hotels. Please take care of the reminder from the driver.

In case you have emergency or trouble with flight delays, our staff can be contacted at this number: +86-13851638452. 

T1 T2
Diagrammatic sketch of Terminal 1  Diagrammatic sketch of Terminal 2


T shirt T shirtb
Conference T-shirt


 n Access from Hangzhou International Airport

Subway: Take bus (Hangzhou East Railway Station Special Line), and get off at Hangzhou East Railway Station. Transfer to subway line 4, from "East Railway Station" to "Citizen Center" (the 6th stop),  It is about 6 minutes by walk to the venue.

Taxi:The taxi station for airport passengers is outside Gate 4 and Gate 10 of domestic arrival. Each day about 3,000 taxis are in operation, making it convenient for passengers to avail of their services.


The route map of subway is here



  access 2

access 3


n Access from Hangzhou East Railway Station

Subway: Take subway from "Hangzhou East Railway Station"(line 4)and get off at "Citizen Center" (the 6th stop). It is about 6 minutes by walk to the venue.

TaxiAt the railway station it's easy to find the taxi station.


n Access from conference hotels

3d Map

InterContinental locates in the same building of the conference venue.

From Sorl Hotel Hangzhou to the conference venue, generailly it takes less than 20-30min. by walk, or by bus. If you would like to take a bus, No. 71 Bus Line is recommended. You can get on at Qiangchao Road station(钱潮路站) and get off at Forest Park station(森林公园站), the 3rd stop. The ticket price is 2 Chinese Yuan.

Sorl way

From Hangzhou Relax Hotel to the conference venue, you can choose one mean from those listed below:

(1) Subway: Hangzhou Metro Line 4, get on at Yongjiang Road Station(甬江路站), get off at  Citizen Center Station(市民中心站), which is the 3rd stop. The nearest exit is Exit C. You can arrive at the conference venue within 25min.

Please note: Althouth Jinjiang station is also not far away, it is the transfer station changing between Metro Line 1 and Metro Line 4, people from outside Hangzhou might be puzzled by its complicated pathway. Therefore we do not recommend it. 

(2) Taxi: Generally, it takes 10min. by taxi. The cost is about 15 Chinese Yuan.   

(3) Bus: No. 71 Bus Line also has a stop at Hangzhou Relex hotel, so that it is convenient to take a bus to the conference venue. Please get on at Wangjiang Dong Road Qiangjiang Lukou station(望江东路钱江路口站), get off at Forest Park station(森林公园站), which is the 5th stop. The ticket price is 2 Chinese Yuan. You can arrive at the conference venue within 20-30min.

 Sorl Hotel a