In keeping the tradition of the ISSPIC conference, the 19th symposium will be devoted to overview of new results, emerging trends and perspectives pertaining to the physics and chemistry of clusters, that play an important role for understanding the matter at the nanoscale. The conference will provide individuals with an opportunity and an interdisciplinary forum for presentation and discussion on the latest fundamental and methodological aspects as well as application and technologically oriented developments.

ISSPIC XIX deals with :

• Atomic and molecular clusters

• Nanoparticles/nanocrystals/nanostructures

• Supported, embedded and ligated clusters and nanoparticles

• Cluster and nanoparticle assemblies

• Other nanometer-scale systems


• Structure and thermodynamics

• Electronic structure and quantum effects

• Spectroscopy and dynamics

• Reactivity and catalysis

• Electron correlation: magnetism and superconductivity

• Optical properties and plasmonics

• Carbon-based nanomaterials

• Biotechnological and medical applications: imaging and sensors

• Environmental studies

• Device-oriented topics

• Energy-related topics